Kentucky Moms and Families Push for More Birth Options in the “Bluegrass State”


Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) are NOT Legally Authorized to Practice in Kentucky

Mothers, Families, and Midwives are Actively Working on CPM Legislation


There is not such an organization in Kentucky.
The hostile practice environment precludes it.

The Kentucky Home Birth Coalition
Jennifer Olliges
info at kentuckyhomebirthcoalition dot com

bethhawver at gmail dot com

This organization is working to license CPMs, and they are actively pursuing CPM licensure in Alabama.

"Congratulations to our northern neighbor Indiana that passed legislation to recognize CPMs in 2013! We know your perseverance and hard work will pay off!"

Kentucky Home Birth Coalition was formed in 2012 to renew efforts to license Certified Professional Midwives in Kentucky. We have been busy laying the foundation for a successful campaign to license CPMs in Kentucky; creating a database of supporters and their legislators, having community meetings across the state, meeting with legislators and fundraising.

In the 2013 legislative session Kentucky Home Birth Coalition introduced a bill in the Senate creating the Kentucky Board of Midwifery and setting requirements for licensure of CPMs. The bill was referred to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, but did not receive a hearing. We plan to introduce a similar bill in the Senate with our sponsor Senator Tom Buford. We are currently looking for a sponsor in the House and hope to introduce the bill in both chambers in the coming session.

We are struggling with ways to get our supporters to become more politically involved; participating in meetings with legislators and citizen lobbying. This goal is even more challenging when most of our members are new mothers or busy midwives!

Fundraising is also a hurdle, as it is for most small non-profits. We hope to do more networking with other community groups with similar goals in order to exchange ideas and assist one another in the positive change our state so desperately needs! We are hopeful that more and more women and families will work with Kentucky Home Birth Coalition to help ensure access to midwifery care for generations to come.

All women deserve access to quality maternity care regardless of their chosen place of birth, licensing CPMs will make this care available to the increasing number of Kentucky families who choose to birth at home.

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